Rewriting History: Altering Patterns to Match Knitted Stockings

A client commissioned me to create a Christmas stocking for her future son-in-law, Jarrett, using the Jumbo Santa Claus stocking pattern. The stocking was intended to match the rest of the family’s stockings made by her mother.

Upon receiving the original stocking, it became clear that her mother had used a larger gauge yarn than the pattern recommended which created a larger stocking and altered the pattern result. The yarn Margaret’s grandmother used was no longer available in the same size or colors so the pattern needed to be re-written for modern materials available.

I rewrote a pattern to ensure the new, custom stocking would match the rest of the family’s. I also replaced the hanger and bells on Margaret’s stocking. Below is a side by side of the stocking Margaret’s grandmother made and the one I created to match.

Contact me to add to your family’s Christmas Stocking collection. I will recreate your family heirloom and help welcome new members to your family traditions!

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